The Yawo of Malawi and Mozambique

Population: 3 million
Main Trade: Agriculture
Main Religion: Islam influenced by traditional African and animistic beliefs
Key Challenges: The significant impact of weather on life sustaining crops.
Fact: Property is usually passed from a man to his sister's son


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Living among the Yawo people

The ministry in Mozambique and Malawi is experiencing God’s continued favour and opportunity. God’s Word is going out and people are responding. They are inviting their family and friends to join them on their spiritual journey, seeking God together. Thank you for partnering with us in this work.”  Rebekah, team member

The Yawo are a resilient people group with spiritual customs dating back  thousands of years closely linked to shamanism. Within Yawo culture, the material and spiritual realms are deeply integrated. Today Yawo Muslims combine Islam with their tribal religion, using traditional medicines and talismans for protection from witchcraft as well as for healing and seeking good fortune. For the Yawo, there is an understanding that what a person believes spiritually will speak into every aspect of their life.

In both Malawi and Mozambique, small but growing groups of Yawo men and women are meeting to explore God’s stories. Some are at the beginning of their journey with Jesus and others have chosen to follow Him. We praise God that local faith leaders are being equipped to lead their own people. 

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