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Jonno and Heather's Story

In 2002 Jonno and Heather followed God’s call to go and make disciples. They relocated their lives from Western Australia to Africa with a heart for the Yawo people of Mozambique and Malawi, where they are located today.

Whilst they first went with their 5 children Samuel, Caleb, Hannah, Micah and Josiah, the family has now spread out with their older 4 children having left Africa for work and study. They have established strong relationships within the various communities they have lived and called home and together, by the grace of God, they continue to bear witness to Jesus among the Yawo.

Jonno represents Global Interaction as the team leader for our Yawo Team in Mozambique and Malawi. He and Heather are sustained as a couple, as a family and in supporting the team ministry. Though the team is dispersed by proximity, they are united in their passion to see Yawo communities transformed by the loving and powerful work of Jesus in their midst.

Jonno and Heather continue their faith journey, serving and giving thanks for those who welcome them among the Yawo and with gratitude to those who partner with them in prayer and giving.

Pledging support as an individual or faith community toward Jonno and Heather empowers Global Interaction’s VISION for empowering communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus.

Donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE thank you for tithing your support.

Prayer Points

  • Give thanks to God who sustains Jonno and Heather and their children. In mind, body and spirit the family is committed to His care.
  • Give thanks to God, for by His measure of faith and wisdom Jonno is empowered as a leader and influencer among his team and Yawo community peers as is Heather in her relationships with Yawo women and together their broader community.
  • Pray for the Yawo of Mozambique and Malawi giving thanks to God for those whom He has prepared in advance to know Jesus through the ministry of Jonno, Heather and the Yawo team.
  • Thanks be to our God, for He will empower them by His Spirit, He will uphold them and protect them and for His glory, they will bear witness to Jesus among the Yawo. Amen

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Jonno & Heather - Children's Education MZcr205

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Jonno & Heather - Power for the Home MLcr105

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Team - Team Retreat (March 2020) YWwh305

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