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Luke and Belle's Story

Luke and Belle, along with their sons Salem (born 2014), Judah (born 2018) and Isaiah (born 2019), serve among the Ethnic Thai of Thailand. They spend their time with the Ethnic Thai faith communities, in culture and language lessons, forming friendships with those around them, teaching English at local schools and participating in rural village life. Through all this, they seek to share the love of Jesus through their actions and words. 

Luke brings a variety of skills to the team, including working with youth and children, artistic abilities in animation and music and his natural knack for silly dad-jokes. He has a growing passion for God’s revelation through His Word. Belle has a background in communication and has a passion to see young people reach their full potential through discipleship. They have been learning a lot about God’s heart to heal and deliver His people through the power of prayer.

As Luke and Belle build relationships within the Ethnic Thai community and seek to share the hope they have in Jesus, pray that many will open their hearts to Him and be transformed. 

Donations to these intercultural workers are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • Pray that Luke and Belle will have a deepening walk with God and a constant openness to His leading and direction
  • Pray that God would provide a strong prayer and financial support team as they prepare to serve Him among the Ethnic Thai
  • Please pray God would continue to provide meaningful connections between the Ethnic Thai and Global Interaction intercultural workers

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Team - Retreat TMwh305

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Team - Home-School Teachers TMwh207

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