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Paul's Story

Paul and Cathy, along with their daughters Emma and Melissa served in Thailand from 2002 to 2017. Over the years they have served in Thailand, they have seen a number of people begin their journey with Jesus, including teachers. Many of these new believers have since returned to their home towns or surrounding communities where they are often isolated and disconnected from other believers.

Since returning to Australia from long-term cross-cultural work, Paul has continued to use his expertise and experience of ministry within a Buddhist context to support the team. Each quarter he spends 2-3 weeks with the teams in Cambodia and Thailand to help develop their understanding of the cultural and spiritual context of their Buddhist friends and discern effective ways of sharing the Gospel with them. He also spends time with local believers and reconnecting with his monk and former monk friends.

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Prayer Points

  • That the Thais will come to know the fullness of life in Jesus.
  • For wisdom in facilitating and developing faithful followers who can discern distinctively Thai ways of worshipping and serving Jesus.
  • For the ability to be an encouragement and support to Global Interaction team members.

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