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Rob and Deb's Story

Rob and Deb are based in a rural village outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Like most Khmer, their neighbours are predominately Buddhist who see Christianity as a foreigner’s religion. As part of Rob and Deb’s commitment to building relationships with Khmer people, they dedicated much of their first three year term to learning culture and language. They also engage with the community through volunteering at the local health clinic and school. Deb volunteers as a midwife and nurse, while Rob uses his agricultural skills working with the school community through a fruit and vegetable garden.

They are grateful to see relationships deepen as they come alongside their Khmer neighbours. They are developing an understanding of what brings their friends meaning and purpose, which is opening opportunities for conversations about the wholeness and wellbeing found in faith in Jesus. Rob and Deb ask you to partner with them as they continue to build relationships with people of peace. Together with you, our long-term vision is to see a faith community of Khmer believers, following Jesus in a way that makes sense to within their culture and community.

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Prayer Points

  • Pray that God would be deepening the relationships Rob and Deb have established and openning opportunities for the Good News to be shared
  • Pray that God would be openning the hearts of the Khmer people to receive the Gospel

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