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Scott and Janelle's Story

Following seven years serving among the Khmer, Scott and Janelle are concluding as cross-cultural workers in Cambodia. Until December 2019 they will be visiting partnering churches to thank them and share stories of God at work among the Khmer. To connect with Scott and Janelle, contact the QLD State Office >>

Since 2012, Scott and Janelle with their two children Rosie and Isaac have been living in Cambodia learning Khmer language and culture while building relationships with the Khmer people.

They have been actively working among the community of Siem Reap in the North West region of Cambodia through developing a sports platform. This has involved establishing a tennis centre, training local coaches and introducing Khmer youth from local villages to the sport of tennis. Scott has developed a Bible-based leadership development and life skills program aimed at the local youth, involving goal setting, how to commit to their plans and valuing their talents. It is exciting hearing community leaders and elders who have commented on the positive changes they have seen in these youths’ character.

God has placed a deep love of the Khmer people in the hearts of both Scott and Janelle, who are passionate about making relationships with Khmer people through sharing life with them. They have learnt so much about their culture and how God is already working in their lives, and they aim to demonstrate the character of Jesus to the Khmer people through their daily interaction and as they teach about the Gospel. They are working towards building communities of faith in these least-reached areas in the North West region where the Gospel is currently absent.

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Prayer Points

  • That language and culture learning comes quickly and easily
  • For establishing a supportive partnership team for prayer and finance
  • That we will be attentive to God’s prompting of His plans for us as we boldly step out in faith
  • That God opens the hearts of the Khmer to talking about Jesus with us
  • For growing reliance on God while settling the family into a foreign environment
  • For good physical, emotional and spiritual health

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