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David's Story

David is the Global Interaction Country Consultant for Zambia and Zimbabwe. David spent 14 years as the Global Interaction State Director for Victoria and during this time had the opportunity to visit Zambia and Zimbabwe on a Global Xposure trip. He is currently also serving as the Senior Pastor of Waverley Baptist Church in Victoria.

Australian Baptists have had a long relationship with Churches in Zambia (since 1971) through the Central and Northern Baptist Associations of Zambia, and the Lighthouse Group of Churches; and Zimbabwe (since 1983) through the Baptist Union of Zimbabwe particularly focusing on the support of rural and township churches. Most of these churches are extremely poor and many pastors haven’t completed secondary school. Both countries suffer extreme economic hardship with limited electricity supplies and many people are subsistence farmers.

In his role of Country Consultant, David encourages and supporters the local pastors and leaders. He feels privileged to walk alongside these leaders. During his visits he meets with student pastors to encourage them and assists with short courses and Leadership Conferences that help shape the vision and direction for future ministry. Please pray for him as he visits Zambia and Zimbabwe twice a year.
David is married to Debbie and has two children and two grandchildren.

Donations to these intercultural workers are not NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • Pray for David as he visits Zambia and Zimbabwe twice a year.
  • Pray for wisdom and good understanding as he meets pastors and encourages them.
  • Pray for the next generation of Zambian and Zimbabwean leaders to be built up.