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Keith's Story

Keith and his wife Pam went to Zambia in 1972, helping to establish and strengthen the churches of the Northern Baptist Association of Zambia. Then they went to Zimbabwe and worked with some Zimbabwean Baptist Churches, helping them make the transition because of the rapid social changes that were taking place in the country.

Following a brief period in Papua New Guinea they moved to Malawi and, under their leadership, Global Interaction’s team was established there. As a result of gospel sharing and development initiatives by new team members, we are now seeing exciting spiritual and social transformation taking place in a rural area of Malawi.

Always a visionary, Keith then called on Global Interaction to work with the same people group across the border in Mozambique. Keith, Pam and two other families set up home in Mozambique, where significant ministries are slowly developing.

Having moved to live in Perth in 2007, Pam has enjoyed her work in the Global Interaction office in Perth. She does great work for our staff and the churches. Keith visits Africa twice a year and provides stimulation and encouragement for the changing and developing work in Zambia. The Baptist Church in Zimbabwe is starting to look at its needs in developing new trained leaders, this is a good sign for the future. Keith is working with them on the journey.

Donations to these intercultural workers are not NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for Keith as he supports church leaders in Zambia and Zimbabwe
  • Pray for churches in isolated and remote areas
  • Pray that good leaders will be raised up to shepherd newer believers