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Max and Ezzie's Story

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Max and Ezzie are intercultural workers sent from the Baptist Churches of Mizoram who have been seconded to Baptist Mission Australia. They have been serving the B.I people in South East Asia since 2011. Over the years they have learnt the local culture and language and been involved in a recycling project as well as other work which has enabled them to engage in relationship building with the local people.

In 2015 Max and Ezzie and their children moved to live among the B.I people in a different part of South East Asia. They sensed the call of God to this region and feel encouraged and strengthened to have made this move.

They are both involved in the courses delivered through the Education Foundation established by their team. They are passionate about sharing the Gospel with the people in culturally appropriate ways, developing and empowering the small number of believers and seeing faith communities arise among these people.

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Prayer Points

  • Pray for Max and Ezzie as they learn the language and culture of the B.I community and build relationships with those around them
  • Pray for Max and Ezzie and for their continued personal, emotional and spiritual growth
  • Pray for the students of the Education Foundation
  • Pray for the B.I people of South East Asia and that they will come to know the fullness of Jesus Christ

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