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Mike's Story

Please contact us to receive the password for the above video which introduces Mike and our other South East Asia candidates. 

Mike was born and raised in the small country town of Chinchilla in Queensland. He first responded to God’s call to follow Jesus when he was 13 years old at a mission-focused holiday camp. Mike now lives in Brisbane and is preparing to join the intercultural team serving among the B.I and S.I people of South East Asia.

Mike loves people. He loves going on bushwalks with people and drinking good coffee with them. He loves hearing what is going on others’ lives and sharing what he is learning with them. Mike has also found that he has a particular love for the people of South East Asia. He is convinced that God loves them and is already actively at work among them.

Mike has recently completed a Bachelor of Theology and will continue postgraduate studies in English teaching (TESOL). Until recently, Mike worked as a disability support worker. Mike is now looking for work as an English teacher to help prepare him for his future work in South East Asia. Mike is excited to partner with what God is already doing among the B.I and S.I people and seeing them empowered to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus.

Mike is building a partnership team to support him financially and in prayer. If you would like to arrange for Mike to visit your church or small group, please contact the QLD State Office.

Donations to this intercultural worker are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • Hearts of B.I and S.I people to be inclined towards hearing and responding to the Gospel
  • Encouragement for Mike as he prepares to serve in South East Asia

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