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David and Susie's Story

David and Susie arrived in Malawi in early 2021, with their two children, following years of sensing God’s call to intercultural work.

Part of David’s shaping towards intercultural work is many childhood years spent in Africa where his parents were Intercultural Workers. David is passionate about people hearing the Word of God in a way they can understand, within their own culture and language. Originally from Sri Lanka, Susie also spent many childhood years in Africa. She loves relating  interculturally and looks forward to journeying with Yawo people in their faith.

Susie and David's children are excited about engaging with the Yawo by learning their language and culture. Through doing this they hope to appreciate different cultures and world-views.

Together the family is looking forward to joining the team serving among the Yawo and being part of what God is already doing among this least-reached people group. For their first three year term in Malawi, they will focus on learning the culture and language so they can share the message of Jesus in a way that makes sense to the Yawo.

Donations to these intercultural workers are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • That God will empower, equip and sustain David, Susie as they serve in Malawi.
  • For God’s blessing on those who partner with the Yawo team’s ministry; that they will know the joy that He gives as they sow prayerfully and financially. 

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David & Susie - Relationship Building MLha106

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David & Susie - Children's Education MLha205

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Team - Team Retreat YWwh305

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