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Gunther and Sarah's Story


Gunther and Sarah, and their children Joshua and Michael are from Perth, Western Australia (although they’re actually from Cape Town in South Africa, but that’s another story!). They are preparing to serve with Global Interaction among the Yawo in Malawi.


From 2004 - 2006 they worked for a commercial employer in Blantyre, Malawi and always felt God calling them back to Malawi to share the message of Jesus. Although their discernment process started back then, it wasn't until 2019 that they connected with Global Interaction and felt that it was the right time.
Gunther is an accountant and is currently working for a local government in Perth’s northern suburbs. Sarah is a qualified primary school teacher, but has spent the last six years home schooling the boys. Josh and Mike are both still at school, having returned to formal school in the last year or so. As a family their skills, abilities and interests are varied, although they tend to have an outdoors flavour. Sarah is the musician of the family and the boys are often to be found out in the bush, camping, fishing or exploring.
Gunther and Sarah are so excited to join the team and help empower the Yawo to develop their own authentic ways of following Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Gunther and Sarah are building a partnership team to support them financially and in prayer. If you would like to arrange for them to visit your church or small group, please contact the WA State Office.

“God has equipped Gunther and Sarah with extraordinary gifts and He has used them to build His church here. It is our great joy and privilege to partner with them as they leave us and serve the wider church. We look forward to supporting them and seeing what good things God will accomplish through them.”

- Duane Olivier, Lead Pastor at North Coast Church.

Donations to these intercultural workers are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • That God will empower, equip and sustain Gunther, Sarah, Joshua and Michael, mobilising them according to His good timing.
  • That they will be confident as they prepare to live and serve in Malawi and look forward to all God will reveal to them through this experience.
  • For God’s blessing on those who partner with the Yawo team’s ministry; that they will know the joy that He gives as they sow prayerfully and financially. 

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Gunther & Sarah - Health MLho301

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Gunther & Sarah - Children's Education MLho205

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Gunther & Sarah - Travel MLho101

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Gunther & Sarah - Relationship Building MLho106

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