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Ian's Story

Ian and Wendy have been living and working with the Yawo in Malawi for more than 20 years. They have two boys, Simeon and Benjamin. They are currently based in Melbourne where the boys are finishing their education. While in Melbourne Ian will continue to be focused on and engaged in cross-cultural ministry, working part-time for Whitley College training people for cross-cultural engagement, as well as for Global Interaction with a continued focus on the Yawo.

Ian’s role with Global interaction will see him spending 4 months a year working on the Ciyawo-English Dictionary Project, seeking to bring it to completion. He will also be helping prepare cross-cultural staff for culture and language acquisition and assist teams to think strategically about their ministry. Ian will also continue to encourage Yawo followers of Jesus whom he has developed strong relationships with.

Wendy, Simeon and Benjamin will also continue to be involved in this ministry, supporting Ian in this work, as well as spending 6-8 weeks in Malawi with Ian during December and January each year.

Ian and Wendy have a strong desire and vision to see the Gospel transforming lives of ordinary Yawo which involves discipling them to faith in Christ, as well as helping other cross-cultural workers have the capacity to engage with the Yawo using their language in a culturally appropriate manner.

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Prayer Points

  • Pray that Ian may continue to walk closely to God.
  • Pray for Ian’s work – a special capacity to grasp linguistic and cultural features and to express them accurately in the Yawo language.
  • Pray that the Yawo people will come to know the love of Jesus and His ministry.

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