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Walt White's Story

Walt is Global Interaction’s Intercultural Mission Advisor. He and his wife Jeanine, who are Americans, served with a team of Australians in South Asia and Thailand from 1977-1993.

Walt is a natural storyteller and a brilliant communicator, and has a capacity to engender trust and friendship almost instantly with people of any culture. He helps Global Interaction teams and others to reflect deeply on the gospel and on their intercultural living and interaction. He enhances their understanding of local religious and cultural perspectives, and strengthens their ability to communicate the message of love and life available in Jesus.

Jeanine is an occupational therapist working with children who have multiple disabilities. They have three adult children, Jennifer, Joy and Jacquelyn.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for safety for Walt as he travels to visit intercultural teams around the world.
  • Ask for wisdom as he offers support, guidance and advice to teams.