We are delighted to be part of a movement growing in Knowing God and that, we reckon, means going with Jesus globally.

We enjoy being fellow followers of Jesus assisting churches and individual people in developing partnerships to support intercultural workers, to consider going, to enhance awareness – for long and short-term engagement.

Bob Rogers – State Director
Bob engages with pastors and leaders offering ways they can fulfil the Great Commission, meets with people who are exploring how they may be involved in intercultural mission and supports candidates as they prepare to go and intercultural staff during their Home Assignment. 

Lynda McMahon – Executive Assistant
Lynda arranges speakers for local churches as well as organising partnership development for intercultural workers and many other vital administrative tasks. She lives out her passion of serving Jesus globally.

State Office Contact Details

p. PO Box 6166 Mitchelton QLD 4053
53 Prospect Rd Gaythorne 
t.  07 3354 5603    
f.  07 3354 5696 
e. qld@globalinteraction.org.au 

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