Church Partnership
Global mission is really the mission of the local church. As an organisation that is committed to global mission we know that this can only be achieved by our partnership with the local church. We want to encourage a passion for mission among Australian Baptists and help them become partners in God's plan for the world.

Your Kind of Mission
by Daniel Bullock of New Hope Baptist Church in Victoria asks the question, “What am I, as a pastor, looking for in a mission agency”? In addition, there is a list of questions to help individuals, mission committees and churches discern how to respond to the multiple requests for financial support that come their way. Click here to download as a PDF, or click hereto view online.

Mission Policy
Mission policies can help the local church to be more intentional and strategic in how they use their resources both human and financial to fulfil their part in the great commission to make disciples in all nations.

Click here to download PowerPoint Developing a Mission Policy

Some examples of other church mission polices:

Mayfield Baptist Church
The Mission Field... down the street, around the world!

Taking seriously the implications of Jesus' words in Acts 1:8 over recent years MBC has been working towards this challenging model of mission that begins at our doorstop and progressively extends globally under the leadership of the Holy Spirit...

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

This Acts 1:8 model exemplifies the breadth of Missional focus at MBC...

  • Beginning LOCALLY in Mayfield (with preschool, K-12 Christian School,
    Community Centre, SRE and various church ministries)
  • Impacting REGIONALLY around Newcastle & the Hunter (prayer with Lord Mayor, Nightcare,
    ACTION, Family Festival, Hunter Harvest, Kairos, Refresh, YFC Auslife &schools ministry)
  • Continuing NATIONALLY (through support of MMM, God squad,
    SU Beach Missions, BKC Conferences, advocacy on social justice issues)
  • Extending GLOBALLY

Thornleigh Baptist Church
There are 2000 People Groups of significant size who have little opportunity to hear of Jesus Christ. Of these Groups, there are nine "Churchless" Groups with whom Australian Baptists have developed links. The "Churchless" Groups do not have access to the gospel due to cultural, linguistic or other barriers. In most cases, there are less than 1% of Christians in the people group and so often the nearby local Christians are unwilling to reach out to the unsaved.

In the year 2000, Thornleigh Community Baptist Church made a solemn commitment to be an active participant in the program to reach the “ a people of the islands” . This commitment was made prayerfully and a whole Sunday Service was dedicated to our pledge of support. We realised that this a long term commitment that succeeding generations of Thornleigh Baptists would be expected to honour.

This commitment will involve:

  • Learning about the Group
  • Praying regularly for the “ a people of the islands” people
  • Giving financial aid to assist in their development
  • Sending people to visit
  • Promoting justice on their behalf