Questions and Reflections - Mozambique

We know that it will take contextualised gospel, expressing Jesus in ways that are understandable...

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Jit & Jan - Lanternlight Ministries – Community Based Rehabilitation

Project code: TOya412
Target: $17,200

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Back to the Future

Back to the Future: Where everything and nothing changes. 

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Thinking of Mission?

If you love God, love people and are willing to share your faith, explore joining a team.

Supporting Mission

Your generosity and prayers will transform a community.

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Brunch with Zest

Bracken Ridge, QLD - Saturday 28 Jul

Join Muana and Villy, Bracken Ridge Baptist Church and Global Interaction for brunch!

African Dinner

Runcorn, QLD - Saturday 04 Aug

Come and invest in the ministry of Jean-Claude and Joyce, preparing for ministry with Global Interaction in Malawi.

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