Active Witness - South East Asia

A follower of Jesus in South East Asia influences many. 

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Jit & Jan - Lanternlight Ministries – Community Based Rehabilitation

Project code: TOya412
Target: $17,200

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Back to the Future

Back to the Future: Where everything and nothing changes. 

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Thinking of Mission?

If you love God, love people and are willing to share your faith, explore joining a team.

Supporting Mission

Your generosity and prayers will transform a community.

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Friends of Global Interaction

Islington, NSW - Monday 25 Jun

Don't miss this opportunity that doesn't come often for the Hunter Group! Come and meet Muana and Villy, who have been part of the Global Interaction team in Thailand since 2001. 

Friends of Global Interaction

Pendle Hill, NSW - Thursday 28 Jun

Hear from Muana and Villy, cross-cultural workers who have served in Thailand since 2001. They will soon return to Thailand following the completion of their Home Assignment... so don't miss out! 

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