Anticipation - Cambodia

Teamwork – working together for a common goal.

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Scholarship Fund

Project code: SFke205
Target: $18,700

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One Step at a Time

‚ÄčIt takes time for the fruit of cross-cultural ministry to be seen, however each day, our te...

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Thinking of Mission?

If you love God, love people and are willing to share your faith, explore joining a team.

Supporting Mission

Your generosity and prayers will transform a community.

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Friends of Global Interaction

Pendle Hill, NSW - Thursday 27 Sep

Hear from Lyn Morris, who has served in South Asia, Thailand and for a short time in Central Asia.

Discernment Weekend

Kangaroo Ground, VIC - Friday 12 Oct

Discernment Weekend is an opportunity for those who are seriously considering cross-cultural mission.

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