Resources to assist your prayers

At Global Interaction we are dependent on God for all that we do, and prayer forms the foundation of our work. Each person who prays for the staff and ministry of Global Interaction is an important member of the family.

We have a variety of resources available to assist you as you pray for Global Interaction and our cross-cultural workers.
You can read and download the most recent versions or click on the button to be added to the distribution lists.
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Prayer Hotline is a weekly email with key, up-to-the minute prayer points from our cross-cultural staff. It is useful for individuals, small groups, prayer meetings and church services. It is emailed every Wednesday. Click here to view this week's edition of Prayer Hotline. If you would like to subscribe to the Prayer Hotline email list, click here or call 03 9819 4944.

Pray Daily

Pray Daily is a bimonthly publication with suggested prayer points for each day of the year. It is primarily useful for individuals, but also good for prayer meetings. It is distributed both via mail and email. Click here to view to the editions of Pray Daily. If you would like to subscribe to Pray Daily (email or mail) click here or call 03 9819 4944. 

Just Prayer

Baptist communities across Australia will join together for a weekend (11-14 Nov 2016) to pray for least-reached people groups to have the opportunitiy to hear about Jesus.
Gather with a group, in your church service or with a bunch of friends. Whether it’s for the whole weekend, or just a few minutes, join our nation in prayer.


The annual Global Interaction Guide outlines the work of Global Interaction. Including information about the people we serve, our cross-cultural workers, and the ways you can support. All other prayer resources references the pages of this Guide so that you can see photos of the people for whom you are praying. To receive your copy of the Guide click to subscribe or call 03 9819 4944.