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2018 - We have had two major training sessions for the leaders and potential leaders from all three Faith Communities. Besides these times being a time of learning and broadening their knowledge of the Scripture, having discussions regarding issues pertinent to the groups and looking at how they can work on contextualizing the Gospel to make it relevant to their context, it is also a wonderful time of networking and fellowshipping with one another having come from different locations. We also hold smaller training sessions specifically for each of the Faith Community Leaders.

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Our team empowers Ethnic Thai believers and local leaders in both rural and emerging urban faith communities through training and discipleship. Through this project, Ethnic Thai believers are strengthened and equipped to share the Good News with their families and friends. To encourage believers to grow and mature in faith, new resources are regularly developed to provide meaningful Gospel tools for rural communities that often have very limited literacy. These include contextualised stories and materials as well as the use of MP3 players for auditory discipleship and teaching.

Funding for this project covers the costs of camps, training sessions and regional travel for emerging leaders as well as the cost of the practical resources that are distributed.

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This project blesses and equips the team who strive to see Ethnic Thai believers grow in capacity and empowered for their respective ministries so that the communities of faith continue to multiply.

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