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Mat and Shannon's Story

Growing up on opposite sides of the globe God was uniquely working in Shannon and Mat’s lives from early ages. Raised by a Christian single Mum and part of the Alice Springs Baptist Church, Mat learned two important things, the message of the Gospel and a love for Aboriginal Australians. 

Meanwhile, in the USA, Shannon was raised in a Christian family and introduced to Jesus at home and church. As a young teenager God placed in her a love for people of the world and a desire to live and work cross-culturally.

In 2010 after several short-term mission trips and finishing Bible College, Shannon moved to Alice Springs and started an internship at the Baptist Church. As she got to know Mat, God’s call on their lives became even clearer.

Mat and Shannon were married in 2011 and lived in Alice Springs. Mat worked in the social services sector and Shannon at the church and they were deeply involved in the lives of their aboriginal friends. They moved to Sydney where Mat could attend Bible College to be equipped for a future of cross-cultural ministry. Mat completed his Bachelor of Theology in June 2017. 

They are currently in partnership development, building partnerships with churches and individuals across the country who will support the work in Central Australia and support the Anderson family financially, spiritually and personally. They look forward to returning to the Outback as a family of six with Elizabeth, Peter, Caleb and Samuel. 

Their first term will be focused on learning the Warlpiri language and culture as well as building relationships with the local people.

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Prayer Points

  • A strong partnership team to journey with Mat and Shannon as they prepare to support and encourage the churches and believers in Outback Australia.

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