Heather Coleman   

General Director

Heather has been connected with Global Interaction in various roles over many years.  Heather has served on the Board of Governance, as a member of various committees and served as a cross-cultural worker in Cambodia.

This vast experience is evident as Heather leads Global Interaction in fulfilling its mission, vision and strategic goals.

As General Director, Heather is responsible for the overall leadership, pastoral care and empowerment of effective team structure.  As Chief Executive Officer, Heather regularly interacts with the Board of Governance and outside organisations to ensure Global Interaction is well informed and well placed to provide excellent direction for Global Interaction.


Val Holt   

Director of Member Care

Val’s experience of cross-cultural work gives her first-hand knowledge of working in a cross-cultural setting. Her experiences enable her to understand the complexities and challenges of living and working cross-culturally both as individuals and as families. She also has extensive experience in pastoral care within a variety of church settings in Australia.

Val is responsible for the spiritual encouragement, health and well-being of cross-cultural workers, ensuring they have what they need for sustainable well-being. 


Andrew Streets   

Director of Corporate Services

In Andrew’s previous work history, he was responsible for managing a financial department of a large not-for-profit organisation.  This experience is instrumental in ensuring Global Interaction is well placed in meeting the needs of our Australian based and cross-cultural workers.

In his role as Director of Corporate Services, Andrew is responsible for the financial and business operations of Global Interaction.  As Chief Financial Officer, Andrew provides direction and strategies for all financial aspects of our work in Australia and overseas. Additionally, Andrew is responsible for compliance, risk management and asset management.


Mark Holt   

Interim Director of Ministries

Mark’s experience within Global Interaction as a cross-cultural worker, Team Leader and State Director gives him a practical and very real understanding of living and working in a cross-cultural setting. These experiences equip him in his strategic leadership role to develop leaders and see faith communities emerge among our least-reached people groups. He is passionate to see people of all cultures have an authentic encounter with Jesus and the emergence of life-transforming, disciple-making communities.
He is responsible for providing direction and leadership for our cross-cultural teams and Global Consultants.