The K people of the Silk Road Area

Population: 14 million
Main Trade: Oil
Main Religion: Islam
Key Challenges: Transitioning into a globalised world
Fact: The K people are warm and hospitable and are tightly connected to their family and community


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Living among the K people

Our cross-cultural team lives much like the K people do, spending Sundays at the local bazaar, celebrating family milestones and national events and building friendships over a cup of tea. In a K community it is culturally important to have an open home, inviting people in to share your space, food and life. Our team regularly hosts people in their homes and visits the homes of their friends.

Our team continues to learn culture and language from local K people and engages with the community more widely through the English language programs. It also continues to pray that as friendships grow, so too will the K people’s interest in hearing more about the life giving message of Jesus.

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