The Khmer of Cambodia

Population: 16 million
Main Trade: Subsistence farming - predominantly rice
Main Religion: Buddhism
Key Challenges: The young population seeks to become more Western in their mindset and behaviour, which causes conflict with tradional family values
Fact: Many still choose traditional Khmer medicine for healing, whether this be based on spiritual or herbal treatments, despite increasing access to modern medicine


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Living among the Khmer people

Living in the North West region of Cambodia, the team engages with communities struggling with poor health, low literacy rates and high unemployment. Currently the team is working to build on relationships it has formed through sports ministry and from travelling to remote villages to learn from local Khmer people. As the team grows there will be increasing opportunities to share life and faith with the Khmer.

This year the team plans to spend more time in the rural areas, sharing the message of Jesus with those who would otherwise not have the chance to hear it.

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