May Mission Month 2020  

While mission features in services and small groups throughout the year, May is a significant time to unite with thousands of others for a special focus on mission. 

Today 42% of the world’s people still live in people-groups that are “least-reached.” That means that there are significant social and cultural boundaries to be crossed if we are to be able to share the Good News of Jesus with them.

Ever wondered about the history of May Mission Month? Here's a quick look at the history  

Partnering with mission in May

PRAYERFULLYPray for the ministry of Global Interaction each day during May. 

FINANCIALLY: Partner with a team, a people group, a worker or a project that facilitates their ministry. Further information and donation envelopes will be sent to your church.

Past May Mission Month Resources 
May Mission Month resources from previous years are also available online and can be found here >>>