Zambia has a growing population with many people living in rural areas. With the expansion of mining and agricultural industries there is a great deal of excitement and expectation of how they will benefit the country. Unfortunately this economic upsurge is seen mainly in the urban areas and little of the benefits have reached the lower socio economic groups in towns or the rural areas. Church leaders struggle with the growing disparity between the need for basic modern technology and transport and the very low income of the churches.

Zimbabwe continues to transition from its colonial past. The political situation is currently stable but the economic situation has created great difficulties for the majority of the population. This is a mainly Christian country with a Christian missionary heritage. African traditional religion and new pseudo-Christian groups flourish. It is difficult for the leaders to move from the missionary influence patterns established many years ago. 

Our response

Global Interaction Consultant Keith Gallagher works with leaders of Baptist associations in Zambia and Zimbabwe. These groups are committed to church growth and the training of local leaders and have developed various styles of non-residential leadership training courses.

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