Note to the Treasurer

A spreadsheet has been devised to assist you in preparing details of donations that you are forwarding to Global Interaction. 

Tax receipts can only be issued for the 2020 tax year, for monies that are actually received by Global Interaction on or before the 30th June 2020. If your church has individuals that require a tax receipt and have donated via the church, then the church will have to ensure that the donation is received by Global interaction on or before June 30 in order for a 2020 tax receipt to be issued to the individual.

If it assists you to ensure your church members receive 2020 tax receipts for their tax deductible donations, multiple remittances may be made.

We encourage you to use this spreadsheet as it has space for all the information required by Global Interaction for the efficient processing of the donations.

Spreadsheet for donations to Global Interaction

Giving Envelopes
Please contact your state office if you require giving envelopes for your church.