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Background reading articles
Brown - Ready and willing - Vision 2011 Campbell - Mission in the New Testament - Vision 2010 Freudigmann - Truth or dare - Resonate 14  Hawthorne - The story of his glory - Perspectives 2009 Rogers - God's call or not God's call - Resonate 8 Verkuyl - The biblical foundation for the worldwide mission mandate - Perspectives 2009 Wright - Mission of God - 2006
God keeps his promises Bible timeline Picture cards Children's prayer - Thank you for your love Colouring page  Ordinary people in mission
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**Note: We are still waiting for the publisher to give permission to make these articles available online. Please email to have the article emailed or posted to you. Alternatively, the article is available in the book Perspectives of the World Christian Movement. This text is readily available at Christian bookstores and Bible Colleges should have multiple copies.