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Danny and Beth's Story

Danny and Beth are Global Interaction candidates preparing to join the team in Outback Australia to partner with Indigenous believers.

They have always enjoyed interacting with other cultures, and their relationships with those serving in many different countries. Living for a time in country NSW involved them in an Indigenous training college community, and connected them to life in the Northern Territory.

Danny and Beth have three married children and six grandchildren. Beth grew up on a farm in western Victoria and has become increasingly passionate about environmental sustainability. She and Danny met while studying at the Bible College of Victoria (now MST). Originally a secondary school teacher, Danny has served for over thirty years in pastoral leadership. 

They are excited to be a part of the Outback Australia team and supporting Indigenous leaders. They are keen to learn from and walk alongside others in encouraging national reconciliation, and are committed to share the hope Jesus brings.

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Prayer Points

  • Give thanks for Danny and Beth's willingness to serve God and walk alongside Indigenous believers and faith leaders. 
  • Pray for deep cultural understanding and humility as Danny and Beth listen, learn and uplift Indigenous people. 

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